StorErotica Awards - Nomination Process FAQ

Nominations FAQ

Commonly asked questions about the awards show and nomination system:

1. What is the Nomination Suggestion thingy you guys are doing?
There are so many people who are deserving of awards in the Erotic Product Industry, it's almost impossible for us to keep up with each and every  vendor, retailer, manufacturere, and staff member. So we are allowing YOU to help us decide who will be on the next ballot. Simply register for a free account and you are then allowed to submit a nominee suggestions and also you are granted 10 nominee votes to distribute amongst others in that category as you see fit. Give all 10 votes to one person or spread them around to your favorites.

Once your nominee suggestion is live on the site, other users and visitors can vote on it as well. Free visitors are allowed just ONE vote, but Registered users are allowed 10 votes per category.
At the end of the nomination porcess we will take those with the highest amount of suggestion votes and add them to the final ballot for that CATEGORY.

2. What is the Awards Show?
TheStorerotica Awards show is an annual live event that is held this year during the semi-annual ANME Founders Show in Burbank, California July 17th. The purpose is to determine who is the BEST of the BEST in the Erotic Product Industry.   The best products, best manfactureres, best stores, etc. Many awards are given out at the show and your vote on this site directly affects the outcome!

3. Can anyone attend?
NO The Awards show and Convention are limited to those in the adult product industry.

4. Can anyone vote?
YES,. anyone can vote. We encourage fans to vote. However voting is only allowed once.

5. How are votes counted?
Votes are counted in a secret underground facility populated by guard dogs and lawyers, even our webmasters dont have the results until they are counted by these devils.

6. Is my vote anonymous?
Your vote is completely and 100% anonymous we don't keep a record of who voted for what.

7. Can I vote more than once?
Since these awards are almost as prestigious as the United States Presidency. So we only allow you to vote once..make it count!

8. Do you take bribes?
Maybe if you asked that question with more dollar signs, then we could probably answer this question better.  Or better yet, send that question to our PayPal address.

9. When are the winners announced on the site?
There is no set date for this but our best guess is when we get around to it. Probably two weeks after the show or when the  webmasters recover from alcohol poisioning ...whichever comes first. (you will also notified by email).

10. I love adult stores and products how can I find out more about them?
You can visit

11. Does the company on the badge denote the winner of the award?
Only on odd numbered leap years.

12. What happens to the winner...Do their sales skyrocket through the roof?
This year we are expecting so much enthusiasm about the winners, that once they are
announced we have hired a sorcerer to resurrect Billy Mays so he can rep their lines.
Quite possibly making them a household name.

13. Once I register and vote are you gonna spam me with junk?
Absolutely not, we will never spam you with junk. only "quality" services and specials from StorErotica or our vendors.

14. Is voting secure?
Absolutely not,
Just because we want everyone to be unhappy and hate us, and
we want to be in a quagmire of controversy. We made it so simple to hack the votes
that even the stupidest of trained monkeys could figure it out.
Hopefully that discourages people from participating next year!  Just kidding, of course the system is secure! The Secure Vote System allows only one vote from one person.
Submitted Votes aren't even seen by the humans until the polls end.

Questions still not answered? Well then, switch off your Sybian for a minute and scratch out an email CLICK HERE